Sport Programs

On the FSG Campus we offer a place to live, study and sport. Our mission is to grow into a full force international sports campus. Offering programs to student-athletes in which they can develop and grow in their field of sports and at the same time study for a degree. While living on campus with other students and sport professionals. To be able to offer each student-athlete a custom program we work closely with our partners in the Apeldoorn region.

Regional Multisport Talentcenter (RMTC)

what is RMTC?
Developing talent encompasses so much more than just practicing sports. It’s about a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body, the right mindset and a social environment that stimulates this. The specifics needs are different for each student-athlete.

We work with several professionals to be able to offer specific programs based on the personal needs of the athlete in order for them to grow and develop. 

Our ambition is to bring knowledge and experience from professionals and sports clubs together and build an international sports environment for student-athletes.

Mission en Vision
Providing potential and ambitious student-athletes with the ultimate sports-based environment (on campus) by working closely with sports professionals and sport clubs.


Offering sports programs based on practical experience and scientific research customized to the specific needs of each student. 

Three pillars
  1. Fine and gross motor skill training
  2. Sport minded lifestyle and social environment
  3. Dual career (combining sport and study)

target audience
The RMTC focusses on promising and talented athletes in the ages 11 to 19 years old. Whether or not an athlete is promising depends on the level of their talent and the potential to further develop their skills to an (inter)national level. 

Besides the focus on sports, we also focus on education within the RMTC program. It is very important for the students to not only develop within their field of sport but also within their educational program.

partnership sports clubs en FSG apeldoorn
De program coordinator from RMTC will always be in touch with trainers form specific sports clubs. Because of this constant communication and mutual trust, they can work together to provide the ultimate training schedule for the student. The schedule is flexible and depends on the resilience of the sporter. The schedule can be adapted if needed for example to prevent injuries. 

Trainers from sports clubs are more than welcome to visit FSG Apeldoorn. In some cases, they may even assist on campus. The partnership with Bar End and more specifically the Bike Academy, is a perfect example of such a collaboration.

education and fsg apeldoorn
Most Dutch education institutes offer the possibility to combine studies with sports. FSG Apeldoorn will work closely with the education institute to make sure the schools schedule leaves enough room for sports training. Of course combining sports and education also has its challenges. FSG Apeldoorn is not responsible for the educational progress at school but FSG Apeldoorn does offer (time management) coaching to its athletes.

Inquiries or application

Do you have inquiries or would you like to receive more information about RMTC? Please contact Lars Smeenk, RMTC coordinator: l.smeenk@fsgapeldoorn.com

For application please use our application form and we’ll contact you.

Global Football Academy*


* The program is currently on hold, due to Covid.

GFA’s vision is to create a global brand of highly professional football academies. Their mission is to identify talented young players worldwide, provide them with opportunities & experiences, help them to maximize their potential and showcase their talent at the highest level of professional youth football. Through a comprehensive development plan, we strive to deliver excellence and endeavor to ensure maximum growth and improvement. The program’s holistic approach will develop players as a whole, make them a complete athlete and positively impact their lives for many years to come.

The Netherlands is known for their world class players like Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Wesley Sneijder, Arjan Robben, Virgil van Dijk and rising stars Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong. Besides their football education there’s another important factor in their success; the tactical system of ‘Total Football’. Rinus Michels, Johan Cruijff, Prep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are big advocates of this football philosophy.

Football Program
The well-known Dutch football philosophy is characterized by its tactics, intelligence, movement and technical skills. Both the tactical and the technical part of football are a big part of the FGA’s Football Development Program. The famous Coerver Coaching-method is used to teach technical skills.

Program Information
Programs developed and start each trimester:

  • January, February, March
  • April, May, June
  • September, October, November

Our programs are developed for players age 16 tot 23. Each trimester we have 32 spots available.

More Information
For more information about the GFA? Please feel free to contact Joey Ngarigota, program coordinator, at Joey@globalfootball-academy.com 

Sport facilities

FSG Apeldoorn offers a wide variety of top level facilities on- and close to the campus.


  • Fitness
  • Indoor Hockey
  • Indoor Basketball
  • Indoor Volleyball
  • Olympic Boxing
  • Track & Field (outdoor)
  • Indoor Athletic Skills (ASM hal)

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Laan van Westenenk 4 7336 AZ Apeldoorn The Netherlands