about us



Our Concept

FSG Apeldoorn is a unique concept based on three important pillars; Sports, Education and Life Skills.  FSG Apeldoorn combines these three pillars into a custom made program for student-athletes, providing them with an environment in which they can thrive.

FSG Apeldoorn works with (host) parents, educators, trainers, coaches and sports clubs to create the optimum environment for students. Together we build a balanced and suitable program incorporating training, sports games and studying. Time management is a very important part of the program. We teach students how to schedule their time, setting them up for success.

How we work

For our custom made programs our athletic director works closely with both local and national partners.

All programs consist of a training program and a specific sports program.

Each student picks their main sport which is specifically incorporated in the training schedule.



The FSG campus is a gated community located only several minutes from the city center. On campus you can find all sorts of facilities such as in- and outdoor training gyms, (student) housing, a health department with (sports) physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons, dieticians and other medical disciplines.

All housing students live in the same building. Which means you live together with different nationalities, people with different sports programs and form a variety of ages. In the housing building we have boarding staff to help students on their way and in case of emergencies.

Students living on campus can choose between single and double rooms (shared with a roommate). For more information or inquiries, you can contact Domica, our rental agency.